Monday, August 3, 2009

Afghan mission falls short of expectations: British Lawmakers

If you get national security wrong, the other stuff doesn't really matter. Or that's how the old saying goes. Well, we are getting it wrong and no one is paying attention!

British lawmakers are upset that America's efforts in Afghanistan "lack a real strategy."

'In a report, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said without a clear strategy stabilising Afghanistan had become "considerably more difficult than might otherwise have been the case."

Lawmakers criticised US policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan and warned the "considerable cultural insensitivity" of some coalition troops had caused serious damage to Afghans' perceptions that will be "difficult to undo". '

I have no idea why anyone is surprised by this fact. The Campaigner-in-Chief is talking about health care not dead Americans. July 2009 was the deadliest month for American and British soldiers in the entire war on terror. 75 coalition soldiers lost their lives in July, 43 Americans and 22 British. (see Voice of America) I do not know the make up of the remaining 10. And, oh by the way, 3 more were killed yesterday. In June 2008, we saw tragically high numbers at 28 killed in action. By then Democrats had declared the war lost and did their best undermine President Bush as Commander-in-Chief.

So with 46 Americans dead in less that 35 days, Barak Hussein Obama gets a pass from the press. He has said nothing and he has done nothing. As usual the lap dogs in the liberal media act as if nothing is wrong. In fact, the Campaigner-in- Chief and the rest of Democrats are going to hit the trail hard in August recess to convince you that you need government run health care. Well, if the British are right about our lack of strategy in Afghanistan which is killing 1.25 soldiers per day, how do you think health care will fare? This administration is a complete joke.

We should be outraged by this. Obama is ignoring his role and Commander-in-Chief and American soldiers are dying in startling numbers at 1.25 per day. Where is the crowing press corps now and their DNC masters calling for pictures of the coffins coming from Afghanistan. They are no where to be found. They are cowering in the shadows of health care reform hoping no one notices the flow of coffins into Arlington Cemetery. However, I did see that Obama thinks he can fix the problems in Afghanistan by "not increasing troops levels?" Are you kidding? By reducing troops you increase their vulnerability. You spread them out and make them easier targets. This is nothing short of dereliction of duty. But Obama does not want to win in Afghanistan he just wants to be able to limp out with blood of American soldiers trailing behind him. But don't take my word for it, here's a good article on the matter (Thanks to JoePa for Potus).

Is this sort of incompetence and disregard for our military constitute grounds for impeachment?
If not, it should.

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