Monday, August 3, 2009

Today's awful news.....

The New York Time, DNC, and Obama saddle up for health care, giddy up!

Two Sides Take Health Care Debate Outside Washington

Stay tuned in August to listen to Barry and company talk about health care. If you find yourself at a town hall that is not access controlled or scripted, please ask about why July was the deadliest month for Americans in Afghanistan, what Washington is doing about it, and why Congress is vacationing as Americans are being killed in record numbers?

Can Republicans Escape Their Extremists?

Can Republicans Escape Their Extremists?

I don't know, good question. Can Democrats? Why is it that when a Republican is passionate on something they are an "EXTREMIST!" Yet when a Democrat is passionate on something they are wise statesmen pondering the intricate, yes, yes, intricate make up of our universe. (Did you catch the Lebowski reference?) BARF!

With Obama's number sinking the Washington Post returns to tired fodder, 2008 Election, John McCain, and Sara Palin.
High Risk, High Reward

The election is over. Maybe it's time to cover another failing Presidential campaign, i.e. The current one of Barak Obama.

Wall Street folks are bad guys because they make money....And they pay bonuses

Rewarding Bad Actors

So what is Barry and Company doing about it? Isn't Joe Biden in charge the stimulus that's not working and is not producing the jobs that were supposed to immediately appear? Isn't Tim Geithner supposed to be doing something? How about the new auto Czar, like his predecessor, who has no experience in the auto industry? Unrelated, but illustrative on the way things are being handled from 1600 Penn. Hope and change - Chicago style!

What's so great about private health insurance?

What's so great about private health insurance? this a rhetorical question? I don't know maybe because I had three expensive exams done in the last month and have yet to pay a dime - outside my copay.....

I know, Nancy is BASTARD CRIMINALS WHO KEEP ME HEALTHY! I want bureaucrat running health care that is efficient, like the DMV.

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