Monday, April 20, 2009

More Wisdom From Peter Schiff

"Reading straight from the Keynesian playbook, Obama justified the creation of multi-trillion dollar deficits by asserting that the government must fill the spending void left by the contraction of consumer and business spending. As one of those mythical economists who do not agree with the President, I argue that it is precisely this type of boneheaded thinking that got us into this mess, and it’s the reason we are now headed for an inflationary depression."

I can only hope that more Republicans pay attention to experts like this, as Bush selling out his free market principles blurred the line between the differences of the two parties. Now Libertarians are saying, "You want to attend the Tea Parties after you supported eight years of record spending? Where were you then?" Well, I was pissed off. And I still am. That's why I consider myself a combination of a Libertarian and a Conservative before I'll consider myself a Republican. But based on what I've seen from the new guys in the House, perhaps there's some hope after all.

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  1. Great read. I consider myself: 93% Conservative, 7% Libertarian= 100% against Socialism, Fascism, Communism and any other medium that tries to subvert what's "Right" for the Great United States of America.

    A salient link that I posted to a friend's blog--he sits on the far left and is a proponent of Keynesian. Enjoy this from "The Morning Smoe." He nails it regarding how politicians need to put our interests first, or the country's writ large, vice their own. Enjoy this link