Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sell out central - a little humor

So today I realized that I have become yuppie scum bag sell out.
First, I'm posting from my iPhone-that should say enough. Second, I'm
enjoying my fourbucks coffee; third, I'm wearing Brooks Brothers, and
fourth, I'm with my fiancé registering for our wedding. My fiancé is
completely oblivious to my presence right now. Although I just got a
nasty look as I'm talking while typing. How many brands of towels can
there be? In the words of the prophet Hank Hill "just kill me now..."

We've switched to kitchenware. So why can't we use plastic? Oh dear,
that was a bad question. Another nasty look and deservedly so. What
the hell is Mikasa Swirl White?

I need to choose which pattern?

Ok so what's my input for the registry? A griddle and an expresso
maker- MONEY!

So for 12 dollars you can get two waters and two small ice cream cups
at Haagen-Dazs, or you can go to the Silver Diner and eat yourself
into a coma. Yeah, we chose the ice cream. On to another store. Why is
the music so bad in these places?

I had no idea how many different variations of the knife there are. One cannot simply buy knives. Oh no, you have to decided: full tang or partial tang, plastic or wood, serated or straight. Can I just use one to stab myself? In case you were wondering, no tang is not a powder drink mix in this instance. This is a helpful link: Tang

Finally, the day ends. My fiance and I end up having a nice dinner and head home for some relaxation and maybe to watch a movie. Man, my feet hurt.

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  1. What is it about these kinds of events that make men like us so tired? They can become the most grueling endurance test after a couple of hours.