Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Speaking to the center while standing on the Left

President Obama will try and ride the momentum from Scott Brown's win in Massachusetts and claim for his own on the national stage. He has restaffed his political, not policy, personnel and he is back on the ever familiar campaign trail. Obama is clearly not interested in policy, but in stopping the bleeding going into 2010. If the American people fall for his rhetoric, again, then it's shame on us.

Can David Plouffe rescue Democrats' agenda?

Pols: Tri-Staters Not In Love With 'New' Obama

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  1. Ah, question, sir. I note that you indicated "he is back on the ever familiar campaign trail." Might I offer that the Campaigner-in-Chief really never left the Campaign trail, and that he cannot really differentiate between the two.

    To me, he looks like the Tap dancer in Chief, especially with another one of these "Barry the Magician" in a "spending freeze."

    My question to Barry then is this: how much did you inflate spending in these departments before making this announcement.

    Lastly, a savings of "15 billion" compared against how much of a rising deficit? And to what percentage is that going to save? Less than 1%?