Friday, September 18, 2009

To our friends in Poland and the Czech Repulic....

Please understand that Obama and the Democrats sold you out -- not the United States. But this should come as no surprise to you since it was the Democrats who sold you to the Soviets after World War II. The more things change.....

Dismay in Eastern Europe as Obama ditches missile defense


  1. typical neocon garbage. but as long as we're fighting a war, nothing else matters.

  2. i had some hope when I found this blog, but alas, it appears to be nothing more than statism of a different sort. so we defend against the welfare state and obama's economic policies, but we also believe that we can prevail in afghanistan and keep the american empire afloat. never mind the tremendous cost associated with this, the lives lost and the massive amount of taxpayer dollars propping up pentagon fatcats. the commenters on this site will turn a blind eye on this for their neocon agenda.

    this reminds me of all the conservatives kissing lieberman's butt. this guy is left-wing on most everything, but hey, as long as we agree on war, we can sell out our principles. right?

  3. Anonymous, thank you for taking the time to comment. While I do not agree with your comments, I would like to defend myself just a bit. I am not a neocon. Factually, I'm not old enough to be a neocon nor do I share their views on all issues. I, like you, do not simply fall into a single group. But if I had to choose, I would choose Paleoconservative.

    Also, your arguments create a basis for some kind of statism. You reject the financial cost of the war but say nothing about ignoring the financial costs of current and proposed entitlement programs which are far more expensive than any war given that entitlement programs run on autopilot outside of the appropriations process.

    I also do not agree that my views are statism of different sort. If that were true I would be looking for the next target after Afghanistan and I am not. I am advocating that the Afghanistan campaign be resolved successfully and thus bringing it to an eventual end and reducing defense budgets to pre-war levels. That is not statism. Statism is Obama's welfare and bailout state that has no end in sight and will never end. Social Security was passed during the New Deal and was supposed to be temporary. Now it's running on fumes and all the money I'm throwing into that black hole will never be realized. Medicare and Medicaid, both relics of the Great Society were supposed to self-sustaining and now having huge unfunded liabilities of $40-79 trillion (depending on the source) and are rife with fraud and corruption to the tune of billions. And this is our model for health care? An entire network of taxpayer funded entitlements running on autopilot outside of the Congressional discretionary appropriations process, now that is statism for sure.

    On the question of Lieberman, I quoted him because he is well known and as you say, left-wing. I could have also, and should have, quoted Democrats Ben Nelson of Nebraska or Evan Byah of Indiana who said the same thing about missile defense cuts.

    On a final note, if George Bush had made the same media blitz Obama is currently making on the heels of the 2 deadliest months in the war and with FBI agents trying to uncover a NYC terror plot, he would have been excoriated by our national media, like he was for taking seven minutes to collect his thoughts after finding out about 9/11.