Monday, September 21, 2009

General McChrystal echos General McKiernan

Commander of US forces in Afghanistan is now echoing the man he was charged to replaced, General David McKiernan. McKiernan was fired for asking for more troops. After we was replaced with General McChrystal, the powers that be up top put out a gag order against asking more troops. So it seems that necessity is countering politics. Obama has stated he needs "more time" to think it through. I'm sure the over-extended privates trying to hold Afghanistan together with a needle and threat are glad that Obama is taking the contemplative approach to dealing with a conflict that is eclipsing Iraq for violence and death toll. Either increase troop level or pull them, but make a decision.

I mean isn't Afghanistan where Democrats wanted to fight in the first place? They (including Obama) spent years saying, "send the troops to Afghanistan and leave Iraq".'re in charge, so are we sending troops to Afghanistan or not? Are we using drones, less troops, more troops, "hunter-killer" teams? Just what will AF-PAK look like next week? Hello, Mr. President....soldiers are dying. Maybe instead of celebrities like Letterman, you should hang out with folks like Jim Jones, Mike Mullen, and David Petraeus so you can figure out this mess. Or you can defer to China and Russia like you've been doing on your other defense related decisions.

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