Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bonds forged in war?

“The United States and Iraq have known difficult times together,” Mr. Obama said. “Now, both of us agree that the bonds forged between Americans and Iraqis in war can pave the way for progress that can be forged in peace.” President Obama July 22, 2009 (New York Times)

I had a hard time reading these words from President Obama. Emotions from anger to sadness filled me as I thought about the man who is now President - Commander-in-Chief, once stood on the floor of the United States Senate to rail against the Iraq war, rail against the former Commander-in-Chief, proclaim the surge was a failure, and took as many steps as he could to break the bonds between American and Iraqi soldiers forged in war. To me, his comments today were disingenuous, hypocritical and a reflection of a man who will do anything and say anything to preserve his power base. I find it funny that Obama did not repeated all of his anti-Iraq rhetoric to Prime Minister Malaki's face today as they stood side by side at a press conference. Instead we got more "hope and change" campaign rhetoric that accomplishes nothing.

July 2009 has been the bloodiest month in Afghanistan for American soldiers since 2002. Today, two more soldiers were killed. Two more families grieve and our President can only talk about health care. Worse, Obama the pied piper plays his flute and the media follows him down Pennsylvania Avenue as if nothing were amiss. But forget looking for the story. Almost no one is carrying it as a headline. (Thank you Voice of America) During Bush's Presidency when this happened, the likes of Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and the rest of the DNC body counters would rush to the floor to remind America about blood and treasure. All I see now is hypocrisy, and I am simply stunned that our government has come to this sad state of affairs.

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