Wednesday, April 8, 2009

US crewmen do what Obama should be doing....

Fighting the bad guys. Today, while President Obama was penning a letter of apology to the Somali pirates for provoking them into attacking an American vessel, the crew decided they were going to take their ship back. While it is not a complete victory, my thoughts and prayers are with the ship's captain and I hope for his safe return.

It seems that while Obama was on his "I love me tour" handing out iPods loaded with his own speeches, "pirates" were lurking in the background of the G-20 love in. The pirate in question was Kim Jong-Il who openly defied international demands and exposed the collective impotence of "The League of Nations, V.2.0." Our response to the lauch was anemic. This administration's comitment to missile defense is weak. More and more nations are developing missile technology, two that come to mind are North Korea and Iran.

In truth, I do not want Obama to fail. I want him to wake up. This is not Chicago and it is not community organizing. An American journalist is being held in Iran on espionage charges, Chinese and Russian cyber-spies are attacking our cyber infrastructure, Kim Jong-Il is launching "rockets", and a Chinese-Iranian venture was broken up using our banks as cover. And this is just the news in the last 48 hours.

But Obama has placed national security on the back burner and in the midst of a war is going to ask the Pentagon to begin scaling back its budget. Is it true next year's budget is going to be bigger, yes. Is it true that R&D and procure are being sacrificed to pay for an outlandish domestic agenda? Yes. DoD is having to scrap its next generation of weapons to pay for this administration's social agenda. The real growth in the budget will be in operations and maintenance. Obama is making the same mistake Clinton made---reduce defense spending and declare a procurement holiday allowing our military equipment to grow older, less reliable, and less capable.

We are living in a dangerous world Mr. President. It is not America's fault that it became this way, but it could be our fault if we let it get worse.

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