Monday, April 6, 2009

I tried to hold my tongue

I'm not sure that I can continue to stand idly by and watch Obama in his single-handed dismantling of the United States. Not only has he deficated on the graves of our fallen soldiers by ignoring the sacrifices that they have made for Europe by apologizing for America's arrogance, dismissiveness and derisiveness, but he is also removing all of the teeth from any future American strategic maneuver.

I can only conclude that Obama didn't get the memo about national security strategy. I guess he doesn't realize that when you remove one of the three legs of the national security strategy stool (economic power, diplomacy and coercive force) that it falls down. When one is removed, the remaining tools will not work in the future.

Obama's stance is leaving America, in effect, neutered. We will be at the mercy of any power that seeks to benefit from our demise. How much longer must we watch this continue? How long do we wait before we cannot stomach these policies any longer? As a decendent of soldies who risked their lives for this country in the War of Independence and Civil War, I cannot continue to hold my tongue. It is time to stop this tyrant now!


  1. Here, Here....I'm ready to sign-up, and enlist for the cause of freedom, dignity and preservation of American values. Problem is, we're stuck with this buffoon.

  2. Jimmy Carter II is definitely upon us. Does anyone know all the lyrics to "Kum Ba Ya"?