Thursday, April 23, 2009

Israel's self determination

According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Israel is in trouble of losing support on Iran if it does not commit itself to peace talks (see here.)

This of course is the same tired double talk that Israel has gotten on the 2 state issue for years. Israel yields ground and nothing happens, promises are broken, or worse people are killed. Israel has been committed for years and around every corner their efforts have been spit back in their face. Israel does not need America's permission to determine their own actions or their foreign policy. They do not need to be blanketed, least of all from the United States, in the same empty rhetoric they are used to getting from Arab countries. Arab nations have no incentive to see the 2 state solution succeed. The Palestinian issue is the pointy stick that Arab nations use to jab Israel. Why is it during discussion of the 2 state solution that the lack of action by other Arab nations is never raised? Their lack of action is never addressed and their unwillingness to do more is always overlooked. In this situation Israel almost always bears an unfair share of culpability.

However, back to the real point of Iran, Iran's threats toward Israel have been direct, unambiguous and apocalyptic. Israel's security is in their hands and the 2 state solution is simply a red-herring. It has nothing to do with Iranian threats and the Government of Israel needs to make the right decisions for their people and security of their nation. This is not a popularity contest, it is a matter of survival.

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