Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ex Post Facto?

Has anyone raised the question of whether or not investigations and possible prosecution of Bush era interrogators and policymakers would be considered an ex post facto prosecution? An ex post facto prosecution is when a person does something that is legal and is later prosecuted after the powers that be declare the action illegal. It seems that the Bush administration and others were acting under authorities they deemed to be legal, albeit distasteful. Thus to declare actions that were legal under a previous administration legal illegal under the current one and seek prosecution smacks of ex post facto actions. What's really driving this matter is an administration which made outrageous promises to the left and its proxies and must now deliver on some of them, especially in the national security realm. Dancing around the idea of handing Bush over the UN or feeding him to the left as a sacrificial lamb is just as legally baseless as his opposition said his torture policies were. Let's move forward. Mr. President, please get out of campaign mode. This is not the mid 90's, you can't slip by like Clinton did by staying in continual campaign mode. Too much is a at stake.

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