Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wartime President

Barack Hussein Obama is a wartime President. Not because our military is at war in far flung corners of the world, but because he has spent his Presidency making war on the American people and our principles. President Obama has forced the will of the elected over the electorate. He claims that his abuse of power is justified under the banner of "change." Obama is tyrant and has violated the social contract between the governed and the government. The people have a right and a duty to respond.

Ever since taking the office of President, Obama has been radically altered the meaning of American. He travelled the world groveling, scraping and bowing to potentates, dictators, and tyrants apologizing that America would have the audacity to stand for the basic principles upon which our Republic is built. He claimed that America is not a Christian nation. While many will agree on this point, I do not, and he does not have the right to out of hand dismiss over 200 years of tradition with a single swipe.

Obama health care legislation may be enough to undermine the remaining free market principles in this country. The government now has sweeping powers to interfere into the personal lives of Americans and is using the IRS as the weapon of choice. The IRS is a good weapon for this given that it is the sole government agency that thrives on an antagonistic relationship with the American people. Justice Marshall once wrote that the power to tax involves the power to destroy. The IRS is the embodiment of that statement. Their recent witch hunt over a $.04 tax deficiency should be evidence enough on this point. Any person or persons resisting the Federal government's new found expansion of power will have to deal with the IRS's jackbooted thugs tasked with enforcing the new age of paternalism. Vladimir Lenin must be smiling right now. How ironic that almost 21 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, America now stands poised to fill the vacuum.

Obama and the Democratic leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ran an inept intelligence operation out of the Capital, but the could not control the message that health care takeover is simply a bad idea. While Republicans lost the war on votes, they won the war of ideas. Obamacare stinks and the people will remember in November. Key to any war is the control of information and intelligence. Between the White House and Congress, the layers of lies, misinformation, backroom deals, and coercive techniques was a campaign to suppress dissent and distort the truth. The details of health care reform were written in secrecy, despite promises of transparency. The televised Obama health care summit was little more than a high-tech Potemkin Village. Obama and Democrats already knew what their plan was and already knew that they would bulldoze and strong arm anyone to get it. They also knew that there were going to ignore the will of the people.

Additionally, the cabinet played their supporting roles well. Robert Gibbs, the White House Press Secretary, did a great job of weaving half truths and disinformation to a very liberal American press corps, which has been all to eager to play the role of fellating sycophants. Rahm Emmanuel excelled at providing behind the scenes coercion and Obama himself excelled at threatening members of his party by stating that he would not campaign for them if they voted against health care. At the end of the day, they may not need him and many not want him. I believe our President drastically overstates his sway with the people, the very same people he just screwed. And these weak willed Democrats who could not stand on principle may find themselves on shifting sand come November - all for nought.

The American people expressed their outrage at Congress in August of 2009 over health care. Since then, Congress chose to follow a President bent on ignoring the people. Republicans and Democrats colluded together trying to appear as cool, rational, statesmen. In the end they appeared as what they are; elitist pigs woefully out of touch with people who are concerned about 2 Trillion more dollars in debts; paying for 30 million more people to receive government run health care, and even more after that once immigration reform is passed legalizing illegal aliens and opening up the doors to chain migration. The only place this country can go on that path in down.

Obama set out a long time ago to undermine the principles of American society. The spark that gave life to America was the dream that a person could accomplish something in America no matter what. The freedom that made American great was the freedom of opportunity. But this freedom has been corrupted by people like Obama and the Democratic party writ large. Freedom was redefined from opportunity to entitlement. The belief that the government owes you something has been ingrained into so Americans that it may be too late to change course. The character of our nation has changed. We awake this morning to a government running a perverse Orwellian power grab dressed up as a health care scam.

To the depth of my core I feel betrayed by the President and the men and women who make up the United States Congress. The process by which the Congress and the President arrived at this place is marked by deception, bribery, moral relativism, and slight of hand. I cannot help but look back on my time as an officer in the United States Military and count it a waste. I did not serve to enable this sort of slimy, underhanded behavior - none of us did. Young men and women are not fighting, dying, and facing life long injuries and trauma so that the Government they swore to protect can conduct itself like a third world regime of autocrats. To Democrats and Republicans I say, In the words of Mercutio, a plague on both your houses!

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