Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's here...

With the advent of the Soviet style takeover of healthcare imminent, it's only fair to underscore that the USA now finds itself under the control of it's first Bolshevik President: the former Barry Soetoro, now Barrack Hussein Obama inherits this fitting title.

I agree that health care reform on some scale is imperative. That said, the size and scope of this leviathan movement grossly eclipses any idea of a sensible reform. Instead, it's a grab of power. If I'm off, look no further than the takeover of Banks, The Automotive Industry, Cap and Tax, etc. It just reinforces the notion that the government has never gotten it right in anything they try to fix. We already heard from San Fran Nan and others that passing a $789 billion fund was necessary to stem Unemployment and keep it from going over 8%. It's still above 10%

My next polling question: When does Congress "Deem and Pass" a new national anthem?

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