Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Act II of Lap Dog Democrat Theater

Congressman Bart Stupak is reprising the role again as the "morally" driven leader of the lap dog democrats. In Act I we saw the lap dogs stand against Obamacare because of the abortion language and their commitment to the unborn. Of course, the dramatic twist in Act 1 was the shocking and unexpected cave-in by the lap dog democrats to the whim of their leader, Nancy Pelosi,  once she pulled their leash. And here we are viewing the exciting sequel of the lap dogs standing against Obamacare again. I can't wait for the plot twist. I'm sure Act II will not be a repeat of the utter collapse of the lap dogs and their values. Although, the news today did foreshadow that Stupak and the lap dogs are once again prepared to compromise on small things like life and dignity.
The joke here is that Stupak and the lap dogs are in this orchestrated dance to give middle to Right Americans an impression that not all Democrats are interested in setting up federally funded abortions factories. Of course Stupak will collapse because his rhetoric is just that - rhetoric. He's already caved once and now seems all but prepared to abandon his values again. But speaking of being morally concerned, is anyone concerned that Obamacare is morally bankrupt from a fiscal point of view? Our kids will bear the burden of legislation so radically irresponsible that we have all but ensured our kids will not be guaranteed the same the chances we had. Since when did it become ok to mortgage our children's future to pay for our poor spending, saving and governing habits? Actually, we might as well abort the next generation of Americans. It might be kinder to kill them quickly today than slowly tax them to death tomorrow.
Put this in perspective:
Jim McKimmy, the Democratic chairman in a neighboring county, urged Stupak to accept a compromise on abortion if necessary to save the bill. "Please don't let it go down to defeat over a single issue," he said.
That single issue being life. After reading Mr. McKimmy's comment, it seems clearer to me how evils such as holocaust or slavery were allowed to gradually build up overtime.  The foundation of these atrocities rested on years of compromise after compromise -compromises like the one Stupak is about to make, again.

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