Monday, February 15, 2010

Not only do the Brits think that American politics "Suck," but...

The newly found diet of Cannibalism continues here in the states. It's an interesting clip in that Podesta helped Barry with his transition. You know, "The Office of the President-elect" back in '08.

So does John Podesta


  1. I'd take anything Podesta says with a grain of salt. Together with this brother Tony and Tony's wife Heather, they have the corner lobbying sleaze in DC. Of course they hate the political process--THEY'RE LOBBYISTS! Lobbyists do not care about the process. They care about their agenda at the expenses of all others. I'm not saying their bad, just that they are maggots feeding off the dead flesh of a broken process.

  2. Cannibalism is growing in a place near you....