Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The dietary fad of the Democraps: Cannibalism

All of this recent talk about childhood obesity spearheaded by Michelle Obama signals a growing epidemic and concern in the country. But the real indisputable fact here is that junk food is comfort food. I see a growing trend from within the government ranks about how they know what is so good for the rest of the country, yet they cannot fix the mess we're in with radical policies. They remain in a state of denial.

Conversely, and a more prevalent trend from within her ranks, some of the more perspicuous Dems/Taxocrats/Libs are finally paying attention and reading the tea leaves--albeit too little, too late.

The newest member to endorse the dietary fad of Cannibalism comes from Douglas Wilder.

Implicitly, Mr. Wilder's point is that Chicago style politics won't cut it in DC. But, his point is falling on deaf ears. We've witnessed how brazen and arrogant Barry is in the hours following Massachusetts' referendum on health care reform when the magician himself tried to espouse bipartisanship in Baltimore. Again, an act that is nothing more than his MO.

UPDATE as of 1800, Paul Krugman wants in on the fad (Cannibalism)

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