Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No, Mr. Axelrod, his campaign was not clever

People in the beltway often get DC tunnel vision and view everything through the lense of politics. Mr. Axelrod's compliment to Scott Brown for a clever campaign is misplaced. Scott Brown's success in keeping a close race with Ms. Coakley belongs in the same vein as the Virginia and New Jersey Gubentatorial elections: there is no sure thing in politics anymore and politicians and their staff better recognize that politics in this country is moving past party. As Generation X begins to slowly take its place in our society, we are moving past the "Hopey Changey" rhetoric and failures of the Baby Boomers and looking for solutions, not slogans. Gen X is a small generation, and may have neither the revenue nor desire to support the Boomers with never ending entitlements. Scott Brown won because he ran as Scott Brown, not the heir apparent to a party machine.
WASHINGTON (AP) - A top adviser to President Barack Obama says Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown ran a "very clever campaign" in Massachusetts.

But in a talk with reporters with voting under way Tuesday, David Axelrod also said he doesn't believe the Republican Party is the right option for people frustrated with the economy and a host of other issues, including the Washington power culture.

Axelrod agreed that "there's an awful lot of axiety among middle-class Americans." But he also said he didn't want to start any election post-mortems while voting is still under way. He did say he thought Brown ran a very good campaign, saying that "as a practitioner, my hat's off to him."

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