Thursday, November 12, 2009

While Afghanistan burns, Obama still fiddles....

The Democrats and their anti-Republican surrogates, like Code Pink, loved to use mantras like "Bush lied, soldiers died." So will be there be a new mantra? Probably not, I can't think of useful words that rhyme with dawdle, stall, indecision, impotent, or naive. But that's ok because the situation our soldiers in Afghanistan are facing is not the subject of nursery rhyme. Obama's actions as Commander in Chief have been pathetic. American soldiers have died in record number this year because Obama has played politics with everything, to include the wars our soldiers are fighting. After being presented with strategies, Obama does nothing and wants to cherry pick the plans. Seriously? Obama's actions are so amateur they remind me the scene in the Simpson's movie where the President has to pick a plan to save Springfield. How can you Cherry pick military plans? You can't, they are put together for the purpose of working together. What Obama is doing is like trying to take the plumbing from one house and putting it in another. While the Congress is having oversight hearings on the Fort Hood shootings, perhaps a few questions can be asked about our Commander in Chief and his dereliction of duty. Unfit for Command was written for Kerry, but there should be a second edition for Obama.

Obama's poor leadership and indecision

Obama hesitant in War

Obama votes present

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