Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Joe Biden's "American Depression" lingers...

...all the while, re-runs of "Amateur hour, 1600 Pa. Ave" continue on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MessNBC, etc.

Thanks, Barry, for both your incompetency and your inane way of governing the country. To my dear friends that sit in Barry's camp, perhaps you may wish to rescind your vote, or strongly reconsider your candidate for office during the 2010 season.

I don't want to hear the overused excuse of "Bush's fault," because Barry posited he knew the solutions to put this country on the right path while on the campaign trail. A real leader would not even entertain the idea of blaming someone else. What he's finding out, however, is that the President's job is much more exacting than that of a community organizer and college professor, requiring more aplomb and gravitas to address the situations at hand. Furthermore, he's done nothing except complain and demagogue those peoples and media that disagree with his ideologue, incite panic, and step on the accelerator insofar as matters of social programs affecting and increasing the national spending and debt.

The people voted for a President, and all the people got is a dilettante.

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