Friday, October 2, 2009

It's the Economy, STUPID!!!!

Just curious Barry, and Joe "Gas Bags, Gaffe-tastic" Biden: Mr. Vice President, when you wrote this OP-ED, you indicated that the stimulus is the panacea the country needs to thrive--and that was published on 26 JUL 09
Yet, today, however, unemployment eclipsed 9.8%--as reported here. So, what's not working from July to current day, October? I doubt this figure is inclusive of the part-time employment workers log--that would push it closer to 18%.
I'd ask your boss for his analysis on this "crisis," but he's off on yet another (campaign) junket while Rome, err, America is burning. But, I'm happy to listen to the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Christina Romer, Austan Goolsbee, Axelrod, Larry Summers, and boy wonder T.Geitner as this squadron of goons attempt to explain how Keyesain works wonders, notwithstanding the worst unemployment rate 1983. Facts Barry, just the facts please.
Shortly, I'll ask TOTUS to help me understand how "Hope and Change" solves financial tsunamis?

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  1. Real estate is also still in horrendous shape and the stock market is overvalued. Look for another correction soon. Grrreeeaaaattttt....