Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Failure of leadership

Thanks to the American liberal media, the war in Afghanistan has been hidden from the American public. Although they had no problem attacking Bush in Iraq and running Code Pink adds against General David Petraeus, Obama's complete lack of leadership on Afghanistan has been horrific. On one hand Obama appears before the NCTC and says, great job! While on the other hand, General Stanley McChrystal delivered a speech on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan that angered the Commander-in-Chief, who by the way, has only talked to Stanley McChrystal once. Even the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of Joint Chiefs are looking at each other saying, WTF?

What a joke.....

Obama Furious at General

Commanding General in Afghanistan and Secretary of Defense ask, hey Obama, who's on first?

Hey Obama, for some of us, failure means a little more than blowing the Olympic bid...tool

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