Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wilsonian Idealism or Ivory Tower Arrogance?

Obama to push for new economic world order at G20

GK Chesterton said it best, "Fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions." The fashion will be Obama at the G20 pushing for another redistribution of wealth scheme under the imprimatur of "re-balancing the global economy." The fallacy is that redistribution of wealth is unfair and an impediment to the very growth required to get the economy healthy again so it can create jobs, opportunity, and much needed wealth in several sectors from housing to textiles. It seems the only Democrat who understood this was John F. Kennedy who cut taxes for the purpose of increasing revenue and economic health.
So the question here is are we seeing another Wilsonian attempt to create a global system of governance like the ill-fated League of Nations? Or is this another chapter in the long history of ivory tower arrogance and contempt for the free market? I conclude that it is a little of both. I say this because, like Wilson, Obama is not in touch with the mood of the people or Congress. He is grossly underestimating the House and the Senate and, like Wilson's League of Nations, is in trouble of watching his very left of center agenda flounder as simple rhetoric with no Congressional support.

And that fact alone is what lies at the very heart of Obama's ivory tower style arrogance. Obama understands Federalism, he is Constitutional law professor and knows all to well about the Senate's stinging rejection of the League of Nation's Treaty. With 2010 looming ever closer some Democrats are getting cold feet about an agenda that resembles one the largest potential re-distribution of wealth schemes from health care, to cap and trade, to the nationalization of major sectors of the American economy. Obama's "government is all things to all people" approach is a recipe for long term economic disaster - although some economist think that long term might not be so long. CBO put out another report today warning about Social Security's coming insolvency which really is a metaphor for all large directly funded programs like medicare and possibly health reform. The money is not there, yet Obama ignores it and moderate members of his own party who point this out. Again, arrogance.

Obama's is projecting a sense of self importance and a "messianic" attitude is beginning to wear thin on Capital Hill and more importantly with the independents who voted for him. The British media have really been the only ones to capture this fact and have been hinting at it since March. Their articles to date, have been a little more pointed, especially on Afghanistan, Poland and the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, American cable media is not covering Obama because they are too busy covering each other. The cable news in this country is actually about the news. How sad. And forget print media. The Washington Post and the New York Times have not even tried to be objective nor are they ashamed of this fact. They only cover negative Obama stories when the stories become the pink elephant in the tutu standing in the corner of the room, like ACORN. Again, sad. 2010 please hurry up and get here, I'm hoping for change.

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