Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a minute of your time, kids

Ugh, The Potentate of the United States, aka, Barry, wasted no time in signing a 1,500 page bill of shit (The un-Stimulus) that was in front of him mere hours after getting sworn in; and is also pushing another pile of shit (O-Barry Care) down the America's throat--some 1,400 pages
But, now Barry insists that [h]e "..must take his time to thoroughly evaluate the request..." made by his ground commander (Gen. McCrystal) insofar as a providing more troops, or face resounding "failure" in Afghanistan.
My question to the audience writ large is how much time did the Barry Media Blitz on Sunday, followed by an appearance in NY on the Letterman show--tax payer funded of course--take away from his ability to make an informed choice?
Either give the troops everything and more, or get them the phuck out of there and get them home. Otherwise, Barry, you still lose more soldiers while you're out stumping and making the TV tours for your O-Care. Your campaign effectively ended some 10 months ago, and your job as the Commander-in-Chief started on 21 JAN 09. OJT is over and it's time to move with alacrity on this one, or just keep your reality tour going, and tango with Tom Delay over on your other network.

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  1. No, I think Barry would fare better on Big Brother.