Thursday, September 10, 2009


"You lie!!" shouted The Honorable Joe Wilson of the Second Congressional District of the State of South Carolina. Those were the truest words uttered the entire night.

So has everyone had enough yet? You've had time to digest the President's heath reform speech. You've had time to see the fruitlessness of bailouts, hand ups, hand outs, and stimulus reforms. Since January 20th we have seen the hallmark tactic of the Democratic party in the United States since the end of the Second World War, over-promise and under-deliver. The only problem is that now Democrats have super-majorities in both chambers of Congress and the Presidency. They hold the two keys of law making uncontested and yet they not passed single piece of meaningful legislation? Why, because now they are in a position to do so and for once the American people should take notice and see that Democrats cannot speak truth to their statist, socialist fantasies. Their plans are a blue print for economical failure and are not sustainable in the long-term unless the fabric of America is dramatically changed. As government grows, freedoms are reduced - so said Mr. Thomas Jefferson.

The bailout was supposed to save GM, but there is 22% unemployment in Michigan. The stimulus was supposed to save America overnight, but unemployment is at record highs. The government owns GM, several major banks, and now they are pushing to own health care. I hate to say it, but it looks like government is the problem.

The United States Congress has the lowest approval rating in a long time. Yet, they believe they are entitled to insert themselves into lives via American heath care. Congress has completely lost sight of the fact that they must earn our trust and that as an institution Americans do not trust them to reform health care or anything else.

Obama is trying to reduce our fears. He came into Washington on the message of change. But so far he has surrounded himself by tax-cheats, swindlers, thugs, and 9/11 conspiracy theorists, just to name a few. He has not changed anything. Just because you have a blog on the White House website does not make you the most transparent administration ever. His credibility has taken a hit as well since January and for good reason. He has shown little to no judgment in the face of the real problem. Joe Biden, the gaffe prone VP, has not done anything to help Mr. Obama either. Particularly in light of his knowledge gaps concerning the stimulus, a program he is supposed to run.

And what about Afghanistan and Iraq? Democratic surrogates like Code Pink have all but forgotten the war. The Washington Post and the New York Times are ignoring the war except when they need one of their reporters rescued. Sadly, a British soldier was killed in a raid to save a New York Times reporter. That's not even close to an even swap. I wouldn't trade a hundred reporters for that soldier. His death was tragic and unnecessary. Where was the raid to save the American soldier held by the Taliban? Disgusting. As the carnage grows in the wake of the two deadliest months of the war on terror, the press has been all but mum. The screaming democrats calling for images of coffins coming home are silent. Code Pink has not been seen in a Congressional hearing room for months. But hey, let's fix health care by allowing the Commander-in-Chief who has abandoned his post fix things.

So where does that leave us? Where does that leave the 22% of the people in Michigan without jobs? I really do not know what's wrong with Michigan. Are the Democrats who have run the state in cahoots with the Unions for 50 years to blame? Are the people? What I know is this, jobs are leaving Michigan and not returning for a single reason: There is no economic incentive for companies to do business in Michigan. It is a matter of simple math. A number minus a larger number equals a negative. There is no business model that works that way. Taxes, unions, entitlements, all these things discourage people from wanting to set up shop in Michigan. What about the rest of the country?

Is the free market working? Did the free market fail us? No, it did not. It was manipulated by greedy politicians in Washington who pushed financial lenders and the housing industry to loan money to people who could never pay it back. Lenders began loaning to people for too much, the money rolled in and everyone looked the other way. Senator Chris Dodd and his pal Kent Conrad received sweet heart deals from mortgage companies as compensation and Chris Dodd fixed bills for his banking buddies right up the recent AIG scandal, yet he still holds his Chairmanship. Hope and Change?

Who are we kidding? Do we really want these people in charge of anything? Especially something as important as health care. You want these people entering your life with end of life counselors? You want these people appointing bureaucrats to enter into the doctor patient-relationship? You these people slowly strangling private insurance one step at a time so eventually we are all on second-rate rationed health care? You want the IRS enforcing the health laws through punishments, fines, and more increasing taxes? Democrat or Republican it does not matter. We have an election coming up in 2010 and Americans have to something. It's time for people to go, like Harry Reid. In 2010, hopefully there will be real change.

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