Saturday, August 1, 2009

The worst month for Americans in the war on terror is met by silence

July 2009 has been the bloodiest month for American soldiers since the war on terror began eight years ago. To commemorate this loss, the Commander-in-Chief Barak Obama is taking a moment on silence on the issue - a long one. I'm not sure he has even knows that Americans are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan or Iraq. In July 62 deaths occurred in Afghanistan, 40 Americans and 22 British soldiers lost their lives in a war that the White House, Congress, and the media is doing their best to try and make disappear. Yet another magic trick from Barry the Magician, like magic healthcare, magic mortgage payments, magic cash for clunkers, and magic government controlled economic systems.

Barry the magician is hoping that the American people will not pay attention to the high loss of life. That way he can continue to pander or "reach out" to the Taliban to find some solution. I can hear him now in negotiations with the Taliban: Uhhh...both sides are to blame here. Everybody is equally culpable and ummm....oh yeah...It's Bush's fault. By the way, please keep in mind that the Taliban was such a repellant government that only 2 governments in the world recognized it as a legitimate entity. Any now Obama wants to find a solution with a barbaric group of tyrants whose behavior and style of governance has not been condoned since medieval times.

So why has the Commander-in-Chief been so silent on this huge loss of life and what is he going to do about it? He's been silent about it because socialized healthcare, which will probably end up turning away more veterans than it treats, is more important than soldiers dying in war. I mean, that's what they get paid to do right? Our real concern is not confronting evil people in the form of the Taliban or Al-Qaeda, but the truly evil people at the insurance companies. A political agenda which will give the US government unprecedented control over your life in the form of healthcare, economic choices, taxes, and religious observance is far more important than preserving the very institution which protects and defends the constitution.

Obama is ignoring his constitutional duty as Commander-in-Chief while flittering around the country as Campaigner-in-Chief. Under Obama's leadership, our gains in the war on terror in both Iraq and Afghanistan could easily vanish unless he gets his pathetic act together. It's time to stop acting like it's amateur hour, stop campaigning and start leading. Barak Obama needs to put his mouth in park and his brain in drive. Too bad Iraqis or Afghanis don't vote in US elections---that is probably the only way one could get Obama and the Democrats to talk about the war and whether they plan to win it or lose it.

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  1. As the Community Organizer in Chief, Barry doesn't understand the gravity of what's at stake--nor do I even believe in my heart of hearts that he even cares. The opportunity to score a decisive victory is just not part of his active vernacular--and I just can't make this up, see here:

    I hope that the people of this great country have finally awakened from their coma's of complacency and have began to realize that Barry's a chutzpah, which is nothing more than an utter fraud.

    I remain ever faithful, clad in my Red, White and Blue.

    -JoePa for POTUS