Friday, August 28, 2009

More super information

From the same guy who brought you the White House snitch line: "Emergency Powers" to control the internet. Yeah, so much for dissent .

July 2009 was the deadliest month in the war terror --- that is until August 2009 rolled around. The Campaigner-in-Chief tries to divert our attention from the fact that over 90 Americans have lost their lives in 60 days as Afghanistan and Iraq completely unravel, Generals are under gag orders not to ask for more troops and the senior military officer in America admits that Afghanistan is deteriorating. This is dereliction of duty as Obama jettisons his role as Commander-in-Chief and sits idle as the DoJ to attack the CIA during a two front war. Leadership from the rear now has a text book example. Where is our media and the anti-war movement who were soooo concerned about the lives of American soldiers. In a word, integrity.

Democrats talk a lot about revolution; when it comes to Honduras, they turn their back and side with Chavez. Super.

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