Sunday, August 9, 2009

The American Demostazi Party!

In 2006 Nancy Pelosi promised the 6 for '06 campaign promises if Democrats won control of Congress in 2006. They did. In 2008, they won the White House and larger margins in Congress. Today I'd like to present you with your new 6 from '06. Enjoy! Hope and Change!

1) Report dissenters to your local Obamanfuhrer at

2) Surrender your right to political debate and discourse by "getting out of the way" (See Speech in support Democratic Candidate for Governor Creigh Deeds)

3) Surrender your private health insurance

4) Do your patriotic duty: pay more of your salary or wages in taxes

5) Understand that any political expression or speech against the president is ultimately racist

6) Violently resist opposition materials from being distributed at "Town Halls" during August recess.
Remember, "O" is for OBEY!

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