Monday, July 27, 2009

Legalize Pot - discussion........

Legalize pot and then tax the crap out of it. This makes pot more expensive, which in turn makes potheads get jobs, which in turn creates taxable income. Thoughts?


  1. Well, it really depends on whether or not Barry consider it an iniquity. I mean after all in "Dreams from my Father," Barry talks about his recreational use of cocaine and mary jane. So, he'll have to put himself in the shoes of that "young, misguided" individual.

    In theory, I follow the economic logic. Will it happen? Depends on if Barry care passes.


  2. I've never done drugs, but I think there's a better way to handle the issue than what's currently going on. From an economic standpoint, there's always going to be a black market for this stuff, so if we can take the violence and criminal behavior element out of it, some form of legalization is worth a shot. Our jails also don't need to be crowded with people who were caught using drugs, as this is a waste of space.