Sunday, July 26, 2009

King Barry looks like a "bitch" wearing those Mom Jeans?

There's certainly no shortage of gaffes this administration provides us on an hourly basis. Look at Joe "Gas Bags, Gaffe-tastic" Biden spinning how and why the so called stimulus has failed to stem unemployment, to Barry's overall neophyte ways--ranging from the World apology Tour, and lack of a definitive apology when juxtaposed against the Gates' of the world. Side note: Barry, keep on flapping your gums and showing the world how "Un Presidential" you really are. But, one thing is clear: twenty years proved you learned a lot in Jeremiah Wright's House of Evil.

1 comment:

  1. Forever in mom jeans...well why not. Obama and the Dems are trying to usher in the nanny state. I guess it's "fitting" that he wear the ultimate symbol of the new maternal order.