Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hodge Podge

What am I reading? THE NEW DEAL IN OLD ROME by H.J. Haskell

Some new blood in the Senate? Both Peter Schiff and Rand Paul (son of Ron Paul and no, he's not named after Ayn Rand) are exploring running for the Senate in Connecticut and Kentucky respectively. If Dodd is elected again in Connecticut, I have to question the sanity of that state, which I already do anyway.

Interested in investing? Try the Casey Report. If only I had more to invest right now.

Best new film I've seen lately? Broke: The New American Dream. (For my fellow bloggers on this site: you can borrow my copy whenever you'd like).

Want a good summary of our healthcare mess? “…problems can be directly attributed to employment-based health insurance. In hindsight, did it ever really make sense to set up a health care system whereby fourth-party corporate employers purchase health insurance for their first-party employees from third-party corporations, which in turn pay second-party providers for health care and services? Does any other industry insulate buyers from sellers this way?” (The Independent Institute)

Did I miss something on C-Span? Unfortunately, while I was away, there was a debate on abolshing the Federal Reserve. It's only available on video right now.

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