Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. Hitchens (not surprisingly) got this one right.

The surprising fact is that everyone else got it wrong or better yet, is getting it wrong. In his most recent article for Slate, Mr. Hitchens lays out all the reasons why the Iranian election is an illusory exercise in international propaganda. I am amazed at the number of mainstream media outlets reporting about the results of the Iranian election as if the result was not in place long before the election took place. As Mr. Hitchens is correct to point out, the election in Iran doesn't change a thing. The Mullahs are still in power and will remain that way irrespective of recounts or any other attempts to produce the appearance of the political process in action. I could not help but laugh when I read one story about poll numbers prior to the election that showed Ahmadinejad's commanding lead. Was this poll done by the same people who found that Saddam Hussein held a commanding lead over his opponent and coasted to an impressive 100% victory in 2002? Please, that does not even pass the laugh test - neither does our nation's tepid reaction to this farce.

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