Sunday, April 26, 2009

The assualt on conservative ideology

Now that the left is in power, they have embarked on a campaign to turn conservative ideology and principles into illegal hate speech. The effort, while subtle, is there and it is deliberate. three examples come to mind, the DHS memo identifying veterans as recruits for right wing radicals, declassifying CIA documents with the air of prosecution, and the assault on Carrie Prejean's answer concerning gay marriage at the Ms. USA pageant.

The DHS memo is very interesting and revealing attitude that many, not all, on the left have for veterans. Veterans are politically useful for the left. For years the left has been crowing that the Bush Administration did not do enough for left. That if Bush really cared he would make the VA health care system run like medicare - placed on autopilot with fixed pricing and Congress pays the bills as they role in. Amusingly, as soon as the democrats came into power the calls for mandatory funding ended. Now it seems that veterans are not only not getting mandatory funding, but they should be eyed with suspicion likely to turn on the very nation they took an oath to protect, bled for, killed for, and buried their friends for. In my estimation, this is not likely. Of course, they like to raise the spectre of Timothy McVeigh but I suppose that Mr. McVeigh would have done what he did, veteran or not.

Secondly, the release of CIA documents and the legal opinions that supported our interrogation practices is being done in a very cynical manner. The documents are being released in redacted format, i.e. people are seeing what Obama and co. want them to see and the rest is blacked out. Briefing materials to senior democrats is also being withheld so the left can claim innocence. Trying to prosecute people on the grounds of their legal opinion should have every judge in this country paying serious attention to what is going on.

Finally, the left's assault on Ms. Prejean is the height of the left's hypocrisy. Ms. Prejean is being attacked for giving her answer to a question on gay marriage. The "cool kids" don't like it so they brand her as hateful and bigoted while at the same time referring to her on YouTube clips as a bitch and a cunt. Seems a little hypocritical to me. This is a picture of the left's most glaring hypocrisy. They advocate for government protected personal license and the right to say and do as they please. At the same time however, they are more than ready to attack the opinions of others and do not extend to others the very rights they themselves shout for. They like to tell us what to drive, what to eat, what to buy, what to think and how to live. They should have the right to smoke dope but they also want the right to take away the keys to my SUV. No thanks pot head, I like my SUV so leave me alone.

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