Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Buck stops with me!

The Buck Stops with Me!

Yesterday in a dizzying display of false humility and outrage, President Obama uttered the following canard: "As we work toward getting ourselves out of the recession, I hope that Wall Street and the marketplace doesn't think that we can return to business as usual," he said.
"The buck stops with me," Obama told reporters. Obama says 'buck stops with me' on AIG

Dude, seriously, are you joking? The "buck", in fact, does not end with you, it started with you. I'm a little fuzzy on my civics, but aren't you the one who signed the f'#*^$ Stimulus Bill into law? Did you not read it either? Democrats have no one left blame. The Stimulus Bill has the following signatures on it...Nacy Pelosi, Robert Byrd and Barak Obama. So far the most transparent administration in history has really been clear on one thing - they are grossly incompetent.

Additionally, the House of Represenatives held a hearing yesterday grilling the CEO of AIG for doing the very thing that the bill they {CONGRESS} wrote said they could do, i.e. pay contractually obligated bonuses. Do I think paying the bonuses with tax payer dollars is dumb? Yes. Do I think that Congress is even dumber for adding legislative language to the Stimulus Bill allowing AIG to pay the bonuses YES! Perhaps Congress should use its oversight authority to investigate itself. In this scenario AIG are not the bad guys - stupid maybe, but not bad. Congress is the real culprit and they should not be deflecting blame from themselves.

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